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In the Studio with Brooke

Original watercolor artist J. Brooke Wade featuring a piece from her latest collection of skull art

J. Brooke Wade, an accomplished watercolor artist from Middle Tennessee, holds a B.L.A. from Middle Tennessee State University, acquired in 2006. As a full-time artist, she specializes in original watercolor paintings that capture the essence of nature through vibrant colors and whimsical designs, making her a standout artist in her field.

Experienced in Commercial Art and Gallery Exhibitions

Brooke’s artistic journey started in her youth and has evolved into a professional career where she has gained considerable experience in commercial art projects. Her expertise in creating watercolor wall art makes her a preferred artist for commercial commissions, where her unique style adds significant aesthetic value to public and private spaces. In addition to her commercial work, Brooke has participated in gallery showings, showcasing her original watercolor paintings. These exhibitions have allowed her to establish a presence in the art community, appreciated by both critics and collectors for her originality and ethical practices.

Meet J. Brooke Wade: Accomplished Watercolor Artist

Brooke’s portfolio includes a striking series, the most recent of skull art, which incorporates both female skulls and animal skulls and bones. These pieces powerfully express complex emotions and themes such as death and transformation. Each artwork invites viewers to explore the deep, transformative journeys that both challenge and enrich the human experience.

Brooke is actively engaging with galleries and collectors who value unique, impactful, and ethically produced art. With a strong portfolio and proven track record in both commercial projects and gallery exhibitions, she is well-positioned to contribute unique and meaningful artworks.

If you are interested in exploring a collaboration or wish to feature Brooke’s original watercolor paintings in your gallery, please reach out through the contact form below. To see a sample of her work, visit her gallery page. Discover how Brooke's artistic vision can complement and enhance your collection.

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