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"This item came perfectly. Shipped quickly and it was just what I was looking for. Brooke was amazing."

Discover the Allure of Original Skull Art Watercolor Paintings and Transform Your Home Decor today.


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Discover the Depths of Transformation with "Afflicted"

Immerse yourself in the profound emotional depths and symbolic richness of "Afflicted," a captivating watercolor print by watercolor artist J. Brooke Wade. This artwork compellingly captures the theme of liberation from detrimental ties through its vivid portrayal of a skull enveloped in dark, brooding shadows. The intense reds flowing from the skull's features symbolize a fierce, yet purifying escape from negativity, making it a standout piece of skull art.

Symbolism and Technique in Watercolor

The technique of watercolor brings a dynamic and almost ethereal quality to "Afflicted," enhancing the skull's expressiveness. Surrounding the skull, finely detailed mushrooms not only complement the main imagery but also strengthen the themes of natural life cycles of growth and decay. This piece extends beyond visual appeal, serving as a profound exploration of personal and psychological struggles against adversities such as addiction or toxic relationships, adding a unique twist to traditional skull artwork.

Integration of Skull and Mushroom Art Themes

Incorporating mushroom art within this skull-themed watercolor print adds a unique narrative layer, emphasizing the natural processes of regeneration and healing. The mushrooms, emerging gracefully around the skull, act as metaphors for resilience and renewal amidst challenging circumstances. Thus, this artwork deeply resonates with those facing or overcoming personal challenges, symbolizing the strength found in vulnerability and renewal.

Additionally, the use of mushroom art in kitchen decor highlights the versatility and relevance of this theme in various settings.

Why Choose "Afflicted" for Your Art Collection

"Afflicted" is an essential acquisition for collectors and art lovers who value the power of art to provoke thought and evoke deep emotional responses. As a standout piece of watercolor wall art, it offers not just a visually arresting experience but also a narrative of personal transformation and overcoming. This artwork is perfect for any space that values profound, meaningful art, ensuring to inspire and engage viewers continuously.

Embrace the transformative power of "Afflicted" and let it inspire resilience and renewal in your life. Add this thought-provoking piece to your collection today, and experience the unique blend of skull and mushroom art that tells a story of liberation and strength.

Customer Reviews

This is so beautiful! Can't wait to hang it up in my home!


My daughter loved these prints! Absolutely beautiful and just the perfect addition to her room. Very fast shipping, very well packed, and a super sweet note too!


The print arrived quickly, the packaging kept it well protected and it's more beautiful than the computer screen displays. Amazing seller!


Helpful Information

  1. Do you use any digital or Artificial Intelligence software?
    No. All J. Brooke Wade's artwork is traditional, in that it uses watercolor as a medium and is not digitally generated or edited.
  2. What types of frames do you recommend for these watercolor prints?
    We recommend frames with UV protection to prevent fading and maintain the vibrancy of your watercolor prints. Our range includes various framing options, each designed to complement the unique style of our artworks.
  3. What is the difference between a print and an original painting?
    An original painting is the unique artwork created directly by the artist. A print is a high-quality reproduction of this original piece.
  4. How are prints made and what makes them special?
    Prints are created by digitizing the original artwork using a high-quality scanner, designed specially for artwork. They are then reproduced on quality paper designed for longevity and to closely match the original. Some prints are part of limited runs, making them more unique and collectible.
  5. Do your prints have boarders?
    Prints that match the original artwork size do not have borders; they feature full-bleed printing, allowing the color to extend to the edges of the paper. For prints that differ in size from the original, we include a border to ensure the artwork is scaled proportionally to the desired dimensions.
  1. How long does it take to receive a commissioned watercolor artwork?
    Commissioned artworks typically take 4-6 weeks to complete, depending on complexity. Timing will be formalized through the commission process. Every piece is crafted with care and shipped securely to arrive in excellent condition. For more information, please visit see my Commission Process.
  2. Do you offer free shipping?
    Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders over $35 within the continental United States. This makes purchasing your favorite watercolor pieces even more convenient.
  1. Can I request a custom watercolor painting of my pet?
    Absolutely! We offer custom watercolor paintings, perfect for capturing the essence of your pet. Provide us with a photo, and our artist will create a personalized, hand-painted artwork. Get started on your Pet Portrait today!
  2. Do you offer matting and framing services for the prints?
    Yes, we provide both matting and framing services. You can choose from a variety of mat and frame styles to perfectly suit your new watercolor artwork. Each mat and frame is chosen to enhance the visual appeal of your print.

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